Monday, July 21, 2014


Having a Featured Artist show at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts is an opportunity to present a body of work.  I love to work in series using different themes.  For this show I have continued with my theme of Women in the World, using idioms as inspirations.
 This year I have bought more global influences into the mix.  I have looked at style design details from around the world and have used them in each of the paintings in this series.   In some of the paintings you will see tartans and in some I have used designs based on African kuba cloth.   Some of the paintings were inspired by molas from Panama and some by Aboriginal dream paintings.  Another is based on Asian silkscreen painting.  These are the puzzle pieces I began with in each piece, women, cultural designs and idioms.  Even though I started each painting with this set of information it is the attention to the detail in the actual painting as it progresses that becomes dominant. My work is in finding the balance of color and form with the puzzle pieces that began the piece.  Sometimes the women become the dominant part of the painting and in one case there are no women.  In other paintings it is the design that dominates the piece.
 I work with acrylic modeling paste that I form on canvas to create three-dimensional paintings.  I want viewers to become intimate with the painting by feeling the contours of the surface.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL is showing at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, 121 D N. Churton Street, Hillsborough from July 22nd - August 24th.  The Opening Reception is Friday 25th July from 6 - 9pm

Sunday, July 20, 2014

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